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Shihao Cao

Shihao Cao

Luke Marino Pasta

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A great wholesome pasta to make for the homies.

Luke Marino first made this for the boys at DDSS, and every rendition since has always brought good vibes to the homies.

It's a nice, rich, veggie-heavy, and marinara-based pasta.

This recipe probably serves like 6 or 7 big homies.


  • 1x box of pasta marked with 8-ish servings
  • 1x box of button mushrooms (12 oz)
  • 1x large onion
  • 1x box of cherry tomatoes, the smaller tomatoes are sweeter and nicer
  • 1x large double handful of spinach
  • 1x lb of ground meat (optional)
  • "Meat seasonings"
  • 1x cubic inch of butter
  • 1x large can of marinara sauce (8+ servings)
  • 1x or 2x box of chicken broth
  • 3x various bell peppers of red/orange/yellow


  1. Add chicken broth to pot, add additional water + salt until enough to cook pasta, bring to boil
  2. Put spinach in water to let bitter flavor out
  3. Chop onion
  4. Cut peppers into strips
  5. Lightly oil a large wok, and saute onions
  6. Add peppers to the wok, and saute. Cook both until softer
  7. Add pasta to boiling water
  8. Cut mushrooms into slices, add to wok
  9. Halve all cherry tomatoes
  10. Optionally cook meat in separate pan
  11. Once veggies, add tomatoes
  12. When pasta is done, strain, and add some butter
  13. In a large pot on medium heat, mix the pasta, veggies, (meat), marinara sauce, spinach
  14. Serve and enjoy
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